Learning to drive can be hard and Evolve Driving School is constantly adding more resources to our learners’ page. These are to help our customers get the best out of their driving lessons. Also, we have tips on general driving and expertise on what is needed to pass the practical driving test first-time. Take a look at our range of help and information guides below. If you are visiting our website looking for valuable information we hope this has helped in some way.

You will find some great tips to think about for your upcoming practical driving test.

We explain exactly what will happen on your driving test from start to finish.

An explanation of how your theory test will be conducted and what to expect.

We have  all 19 show me tell me questions and their answers for you to study.

How to apply for your first provisional driving licence and the current price.

Lost your licence? Learn what will happen on the extended driving test.

Learn About the pass plus course and the modules to be taken

We will be adding more resources on learning to drive